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Ready Reckoner And Stamp Duty Information

Revised Stamp Duty and Ready Reckoner Rates for Maharashtra in 2014

On Tuesday 31st December, Maharashtra govt announced the revised stamp duty and ready reckoner rates for 2014.These new rates will be used in effect from January 2014 for calculating minimum registration and stamp duty charges while registering prope... Read more

Stamp Duty Payment Centers in Thane

Stamp duty could be paid legally without adjudication, on the basis of the Stamp Duty Ready Reckoner and Market value of Propert... Read more

Rates of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees in Thane

Know about the type of documents required along with stamp duty charges and registration fees in Thane. Also the documents required while taking loan from the banks are mentioned.... Read more

Stamp Duty Rates in Thane for Leave and Licence Agreement

Thane Stamp Duty Rates For Leave & Licence AgreementW.E.F. 7th May, 2005(For Thane & Navi Murnbai Municipal Corporations jurisdiction) As per Article 36A (a)(ii)(1) & (2) of the S... Read more

Thane Stamp Duty Rates for Sale Agreement

Stamp Duty Rates in Thane for Sale Agreement                             (W.E.F. 25th April 2012)... Read more

Stamp Duty And Property Registration Charges in Delhi

As we all know that Delhi is an important sector for real estate growth, so if you are looking for a property in Delhi then it is also important to register that property. While buying a property anywhere in Delhi registration charges and stamp duty ... Read more

Property Registration Offices in Goa

Property Registration Offices in GoaDetails of Sub registrar Office, Office Address and Telephone Numbers for property registration in Goa are listed below with the location and near by landmark : ... Read more

Property Registration Offices in Kolkata

Property Registration Offices in KolkataRegistering a property is a compulsory process you have to undergo while booking a flat, plot or land. It signifies the ownership of the property and owner owns the resp... Read more

Property Registration Offices in Delhi

Property Registration Offices in DelhiProperty Registration is a legal proof that you own a property and it has clear title. Property registration offices in Delhi and sub registrar offices are listed here.... Read more

Property Registration Offices in Bangalore

Property Registration Offices in BangaloreBangalore property registration offices is a place where registration of any kind of property sale, lease, transfer take place. List of the property registration o... Read more

Rules for NRI to Buy Property in India

Methods and System for NRIs to buy property in India For many important reasons, people dwelling outside India that is Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Person of Indian Origins (PIOs) and foreign nationals have been procuring immovable pro... Read more

Property Rates in Mumbai 2013

List of Villages in Mumbai and their related Property Rates in the year 2013For more information on ready reckoner rates and CTS number click here to view Mumbai Ready Reckoner... Read more

Property Rates in Thane 2013

List of all villages in thane with their residential and commercial property rates 2013Below find the list of villages in thane with property ratesFor more Looking for ... Read more

About e-Stamping in Thane

Information on e-Stamping in ThaneThe Government has introduced new initiative to stamp your documents & agreements, i.e. "e-Stamping". It is safe, hassle free and tamper-proof option for your stamping needs. Government... Read more

Replacement of franking by online payment

From 23rd Dec 2013 all Registration offices have stopped accepting Franked documents as part of the stamp duty payment method although there is no official notice issued to this effect till now. All amounts with regards to stamp duty and regi... Read more

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