Terms and Conditions

The Website Ghar.Tv, Including Any Subdomains Thereof, And Any Other Websites Through Which Its Services Are Made Available, Our Mobile, Tablet And Other Smart Device Applications, And Application Programme Interfaces Etc, (Hereinafter Collectively Referred To As "Ghar.Tv") Is Owned, Hosted, And Operated By Zybeq Ventures Pvt Ltd (Hereinafter Referred To As Zybeq Ventures), A Company Incorporated In India Pursuant To The Companies Act, 1956 And Having Its Office Our Terms And Conditions, Privacy Policy, And Community Standards Governing The Use Of These Services Form A Legally Enforceable Agreement (The "Agreement") Between Ghar.Tv And The User.

Ghar.Tv And/Or Any Other Website(S) Connected To This Website Are Offered To You Subject To Your Compliance With The Terms And Conditions Outlined Below.

Please Review This Document Carefully. By Accessing Or Using Ghar.Tv, You Agree To Be Bound By The Following Terms And Conditions. If You Do Not Agree With Any Of These Terms And Conditions, Do Not Access Or Use Ghar.Tv. If You Have Any Questions About These Terms, Please Contact ([email protected]).

ZYBEQ VENTURES May Modify/Amend These Terms And Conditions At Any Time, With The New Terms And Conditions Taking Effect Immediately Upon Their Publication On Ghar.Tv. Your Continuing Access Or Use Of Ghar.Tv Is Irrefutable Evidence Of Your Acceptance Of These Terms And Conditions, As Amended/Modified From Time To Time. ZYBEQ VENTURES May Also Halt Ghar.Tv's Service For Support Or Technological Upgrades, Maintenance, Content Updates, Or Any Other Cause.

If You Use Ghar.Tv In A Way Inconsistent With These Terms And Conditions, ZYBEQ VENTURES May Terminate Your Access, Prevent Your Future Access, And/Or Seek Such Other Remedy As May Be Judged Suitable And Reasonable Under The Circumstances Of Your Usage.


The Term Subscriber Refers To Any Individual Or Legal Entity That Has Subscribed To The Services Of Ghar.Tv (Whether For A Fee Or For Free) And Whose Access To Ghar.Tv Is Limited Via The Use Of A Sign-In User Name And Password. The User Name And Password Are Assigned By Ghar.Tv, Selected By The Subscriber, Or Mutually Agreed Upon By Ghar.Tv. Ghar.Tv Makes It Perfectly Clear That Only Authorised Users May Access Its Services.

The Term "Browser/Visitor" Refers To And Includes Anybody Who Uses Any Of Ghar.Tv's Services Without Registering For An Account, I.E., Anyone Who Enters Unrestricted Areas Of Ghar.Tv.

Access To And Usage Of Ghar.Tv Are Subject To These Terms Of Service And Community Standards.

For The Purposes Of This Agreement, Any Person Who Does Not Have A Legal Or Contractual Right To Access The Services, But Does So, Will Be Considered A "Unauthorised User" And Will Be Subject To The Terms And Conditions Governing The Use Of Ghar.Tv, Specifically With Regard To Respecting The Intellectual Property Rights Of ZYBEQ VENTURES, And Adhering To The Terms And Conditions Below.

User And Customer Would Refer To Both The Subscriber/Advertiser(S) And The Browser/Visitor (S)

The Words 'Service' Or 'Services' Refer To The Interactive Online Information Service Provided By Ghar.Tv On The Internet, Via Which The User May Access Information Contained In Its Database. The Phrases Would Also Refer To The Search Tools That Allow The User To Search Through The Hosted Databases And Information Using A Variety Of Search Tools From Which A Subset Matches Their Search Criteria. The Phrase Would Also Include Services In The Form Of Customer-Utilized Advertising Space, Such As Listings And Banners. Users Then Pick One Or More Of The Displayed Elements To See The Document Or Record In Its Entirety. The Term "Service" Does Not Include Ghar.Tv Acting As An Agent, Either Explicit Or Implicit, On Behalf Of Any User/Customer; Ghar.Tv Just Acts As A Channel For The Exchange Of Information.

The Term RERDA Encompasses The Real Estate (Regulation And Development) Act, 2016 As Modified, As Well As Any Rules Or Regulations Enacted Thereunder. The term RERA means Real Estate Regulatory Authority and implies to the rules thereof for each State of India.

Contribution & Operation of Listings/Advertisements

User Agrees Not To Submit Any Property Descriptions, Photographs, Financial, Contact Or Other Data Contained In Each Property's Data To Ghar.Tv Unless The User Submitting Such A Listing/Advertisement Has Acquired And Received All Necessary Rights And Authorizations From The Owner Of Such Property Or The Power-Of-Attorney Holder, Including From The Photographer And/Or Copyright Owner Of Any Photographs, To Publish And Advertise The Said Property(S) On The User's Website. Similarly, Ghar.Tv Does Not Claim Any Ownership, Directly Or Indirectly, With Respect To Banners Hosted On Its Website By Its Customers, Which Are Strictly In The Nature Of Sale Of Space By Ghar.tv & It Has Not Conducted Independent Verification On The Authenticity Or Compliance Requirements, As May Have Been Required Under Any Law Currently In Force, Of Such Images/ Banners/ Listings. Ghar.Tv And The Distributors Of The Video Material Do Not Guarantee The Accuracy Or Completeness Of The Content. If A User Is Covered By RERDA / RERA, It Must Get All Necessary Permissions, Licences, And Permits Granted By The Relevant Authorities For The Project/Land/Apartment/Plot In The Listing, In Accordance With The Legislation. In Addition, The User Must Comply At All Times With All Relevant Laws Pertaining To The Project/Land/Apartment/Plot In The Listing. The User Must Give All Material Information As Required By LMA And With Regard To Their Registrations Under RERDA/RERA And Any Such Property(S) Submitted, Including The Current State And Type Of Such Property, As Well As Whether Or Not The Property Is Free Of All Encumbrances. The User Must Reveal All Material Factual Information On The Property Being Listed, Its Exact Measurements, Their Registrations Under RERA, The Current State And Type Of The Property, And Whether Or Not The Property Is Free Of Any Encumbrances. In Addition, The User Must Provide A Short History Of The Property In Terms Of Title, Ownership, And Possession. ZYBEQ VENTURES May Further Request The User To Provide Such Papers As It Specifies From Time To Time In Support Of His/Her Assertions About The Status Of The Property. The User May Also Be Asked To Swear An Affidavit Attesting To The Veracity Of The Information/Data Thus Provided/Displayed To Corroborate His Assertions About The Nature And Condition Of The Property. ZYBEQ VENTURES May, In Its Sole Discretion But Without Obligation, Seek For And Delete Properties That Allegedly Violated This Condition By Being Submitted. In Addition, ZYBEQ VENTURES Has The Right To Request Further Proof Of Compliance With This Clause From Users Who Are Believed To Have Submitted Properties Or Other Information/Data In Contravention Of These Terms And Conditions. ZYBEQ VENTURES Shall, In Its Sole Discretion, Cancel The Accounts Of And Deny Service To Any User Who Violates These Terms And Conditions Frequently Or Willfully. In Addition, The User Authorises Users Of The User's Website Or The Ghar.Tv Website To Search, Display, Access, Download, Copy, And Otherwise Make Reference To The Property Listing Or Any Portion Thereof. ZYBEQ VENTURES Shall Have The Only Power To Determine How Any Property Will Be Searched, Displayed, Accessed, Downloaded, Copied, And Otherwise Utilised On Ghar.Tv, And ZYBEQ VENTURES Shall Be Permitted To Amend The Property Listing In The Exercise Of Its Rights Under These Terms And Conditions. In Addition To The Above Agreements, The User Agrees To The Following:

(A) To Represent And Guarantee That All Properties And Related Data Supplied By The User Are Accurate;

(B) That The User Will Not Enable The Posting Of A Property On Ghar.Tv Under A Name Other Than The Name Of A Real Estate Agent Who Has Been Lawfully Authorised And Engaged In This Regard By The Owner Of The Property;

ZYBEQ VENTURES Must Post Property-Related Information In Specified Parts Of Ghar.Tv Or Such Other Mirror Or Parallel Website (S). ZYBEQ VENTURES Maintains The Right, Consistent With Reasonable Commercial Business Practises, To Delete Without Notice Any Or All Of The Properties Placed On The User's Website Or On Ghar.Tv. ZYBEQ VENTURES Is Not Responsible For Validating The Correctness Of The User's Provided Reports Or Data Files. While ZYBEQ VENTURES Will Make All Reasonable Measures For Data Backup And Business Resumption, It Is The Exclusive Responsibility Of The User To Maintain Backup Copies Of Any Information, Photos, And Other Items Furnished/Submitted To Ghar.Tv.

Users Who Are Purchasing/Renting Property/Properties Via Ghar.Tv Must Independently Check The Property's Data, Including Its Right, Title, Ownership, Lien, Etc. The'verified' Label Shown On Property Listings On Ghar.Tv Signifies Only That The Existence Of The Listed Property Has Been Confirmed. At No Time Will The'verified' Label Be Considered As A Verification Of The Property's Documents, Ownership Information, Area, Or Price Information.

Payment Schedule

(A) All Payments For Ghar.Tv's Services Must Be Made In Advance In Full. The Subscriber's Payment For The Service Is Non-Refundable, And Any Money Paid Will Be Deemed Appropriated. Zybeq Ventures Pvt Ltd Has The Exclusive Discretion To Provide Any Refunds. ZYBEQ VENTURES Provides No Assurances On The Correctness Or Timeliness Of Reimbursements Reaching The Card/Bank Accounts Of Users. User Acknowledges And Agrees That ZYBEQ VENTURES/Ghar.Tv.Com, At Its Sole Discretion And Without Prejudice To Other Rights And Remedies That It May Have Under The Applicable Laws, Shall Be Entitled To Set Off The Amount Paid Or Payable By A Subscriber/User Against Any Amount(S) Payable By User To ZYBEQ VENTURES Under Any Other Agreement Or Commercial Relationship Pertaining To Other Products/Services. Zybeq Ventures Pvt. Ltd Does Not Guarantee Server Availability Or Application Functionality. All Efforts Are Made With The Utmost Care, And Responsibility Is Limited To Amount Returned Only. Zybeq Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Assumes No Responsibility For Complimentary Services. Zybeq Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Retains The Right To Modify / Alter / Replace Any Or All Disclaimers Or Agreement Terms At Any Time And Without Previous Notice. All Conditions And Disclaimers, Whether Formally Specified Or Not, Are Considered To Be Included If They Are Referred To.

(B) Zybeq Ventures Pvt Ltd Takes Every Precaution To Guarantee That No Data Or Information Pertaining To The Electronic Transfer Of Funds Falls Into The Wrong Hands. Zybeq Ventures Pvt Ltd Does Not Store Or Retain Credit Card Information When Directing A User To A Payment Gateway To Complete An Online Payment Transaction. Due To The Fact That The Transaction Occurs On A Third-Party Network That Is Not Managed By Zybeq Ventures Pvt Ltd, After A Credit Card Transaction Has Been Completed, The Payment Information Is Inaccessible To Anybody At Zybeq Ventures Pvt Ltd. This Provides The Highest Level Of Security.

(C) Zybeq Ventures Pvt Ltd Shall Not Be Liable For Any Loss Or Damage Sustained By Reason Of Any Disclosure (Inadvertent Or Otherwise) Of Any Information Concerning The User's Account And/Or Information Relating To Or Regarding Online Transactions Using Credit Cards / Debit Cards And/Or Their Verification Process And Particulars, Nor For Any Error, Omission Or Inaccuracy With Respect To Any Information So Disclosed And Used Whether Or Not Pursuant To A Legal Process.

Refund for Unsuccessful Transactions

Despite The Fact That The ZYBEQ VENTURES Payment Reconciliation Staff Is Available 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week, ZYBEQ VENTURES Makes No Assurances As To The Correctness Or Timeliness Of The Reimbursements Reaching The Subscribers' Card/Bank Accounts. This Is Due To The Large Number Of Companies Participating In The Processing Of Online Transactions, The Existing Limitations Of Internet Infrastructure, And The Working Days/Holidays Of Financial Institutions. In The Case That Erroneous Or Inappropriate Property Material Is Uploaded On The Website, Ghar.Tv Has The Right To Provide Refunds.

If You Use Ghar.Tv In A Way Inconsistent With These Terms And Conditions, ZYBEQ VENTURES May Terminate Your Access, Prevent Your Future Access, And/Or Seek Such Other Remedy As May Be Judged Suitable And Reasonable Under The Circumstances Of Your Usage.

Terms of Renting Property Services

The Rental Property Services May Not Be Used For Any Purpose Other Than The Payment Or Charging Of Rent, Or The Preparation And Registration Of A Rental Agreement, Nor May The User Communicate Any Information Obtained Through The Rental Property Services To A Third Party. The User Is Solely Responsible For The Information Provided And Its Correctness, And Will Indemnify And Hold Ghar.Tv Or Its Affiliates And Employees Harmless From Any Claim Or Action By Any Person/Financial Institution/Regulatory Agencies. By Using This Service, User Consents To Ghar.Tv Sharing The Information Submitted With Third Parties For Processing On User's Behalf, As May Be Necessary From Time To Time. User Shall Not Provide False Or Fraudulent Information Through Any Of The Available Services.

Rental Payment

Through Ghar.Tv, Users Can Choose To Make Rent Payments Via An Independent Payment Gateway, And For The Purpose Of Making The Payment, The User Shall Be Required To Provide Information Pertaining To The Beneficiary Nominated By The Landlord To Receive The Rent ("Lessor/Beneficiary"), The Person Making The Payment ("Lessee/Tenant"), And Any Additional Information Required From Time To Time. User Affirms That A Landlord-Tenant Relationship Exists Between The User And The Intended Recipient Of The Information Being Shared.

By Making Payment, User Authorises Ghar.Tv To Retain, Receive, And Disburse Monies In Accordance With User's Payment Instructions Supplied Via Ghar.Tv In Order To Facilitate The Transfer Of Funds To The Beneficiary Designated By User. Ghar.Tv Maintains The Right To Deduct Any Relevant Service Charge, Processing Fees, Or Other Costs Incurred In The Processing Of This Transaction In The Event That Transaction Processing Is Impeded Due To The User's Failure To Provide Full Or Accurate Information. In No Way May Ghar.Tv, Its Affiliates, Or Its Employees Be Liable For Any Inaccurate Or Unintentional Transactions. Depending On The Security Or Financial Risk Connected With A Transaction, Ghar.Tv May Postpone, Halt, Or Reject It.

The Amount Of A Transaction May Be Charged Back (Hence Referred To As "Chargeback") If The Transaction Is Contested, Reversed, Not Allowed, Illegal, Or Otherwise Not In Conformity With These Conditions (E.G. The Holder Of The Payment Instrument Used For Initiating The Transaction Raises A Dispute). In The Event Of A Chargeback, User Must Promptly Settle Any Outstanding Balance, Including Any Extra Fines Or Penalties Imposed By The Payment Gateway Or Issuer. User Undertakes To Give Full Cooperation In The Case Of Any Investigation Pertaining To This Matter.

Rental Agreement

vBy Agreeing To These Conditions, Both The User And The Property Owner Agree That Any Personal Information Uploaded By The User Will Only Be Done So After Receiving The Necessary Consents From The Owner(S) Of The Personal Information For Such Usage. The User Is Entirely Responsible For Its Correctness And Completeness, As Necessary For Authorised And Full Registration Of Rental Agreement In The Appropriate Jurisdictions, Together With Additional Information As And When Requested.

User Undertakes, By Using Our Services, To Bear Any Stamp Duty Costs Or Any Other Charges Assessed That May Emerge As Per Applicable Legislation And Shall Not Hold Ghar.Tv Or Its Affiliates And Employees Accountable For Any Fines/Penalties That May Occur As A Result Of Inadequate Payment Of Charges.

Tenant Verification

User Explicitly Consents To All Data Supplied For Verification Purposes, Including Contact Information, Being Shared With Verification Partner (For The Purposes Of These Terms, "Verification Partner" Shall Include Any Third Party Hired For Delivering Tenant Verification Services). User Is Entirely Responsible For Confirming The Quality Of Tenant Verification Services Given By Verification Partner, And Ghar.Tv Is Not Accountable To Any Third Party For Any Services Supplied By Verification Partner. Before Exchanging Personal Documents And Information With The Verification Partner, The User Is Responsible For Getting The Lessee's Explicit Permission.

Application of Information

User Undertakes To Respect As Ghar.tv's Property Any Information Received Through The Service, Including Listings, Member Directory, And Any Other Information Made Accessible To User Via The Service (The "Content"). The User Accepts That Content Restricted For Members Will Be Kept Private And Protected As Ghar.Tv's Trade Secret. Ghar.Tv Does Not Guarantee, Endorse, Or Suggest Any Content, And Any Use Of Such Content By A User Is At The User's Own Risk. A User May View The Service's Listings/Advertisements For The Sole Purpose Of Obtaining Preliminary Information From Which Further Examination And Research May Be Initiated. User Shall Restrict Access To And Usage Of Listings To Personal And Internal Use, And Shall Not Utilise Listings Received From The Service For Further Distribution, Publishing, Public Display, Or Compilation Of Derivative Works, Nor Shall User Enable Any Of These Activities. User Shall Not Use Or Replicate Any Content Collected From Or Otherwise Made Accessible To User Via The Service For Or In Conjunction With Any Other Listing/Advertising Service Or Device. User Must Not Use The Company-Provided Service For Or In Conjunction With Any Other Listed Service Or Device. Users Who Violate These Rules, Especially Those Who Search The Service In An Abusive Or Excessive Way Using Automated Or Human Methods, Will Have Their Membership Terminated Immediately And Without Warning.

Rights to Intellectual Property

All Logos, Trademarks, Trade Marks, And Service Marks ("Marks") That Appear On Ghar.Tv Are Either Owned By ZYBEQ VENTURES And/Or Its Affiliates, Or Are Used Under Licence. All Rights Deriving From The Same, Whether Statutory Or Otherwise, Vest Entirely In ZYBEQ VENTURES/Its Affiliates. Access To Ghar.Tv Does Not Provide The User Any Licence Or Permission To Use These Marks; Thus, The Use Of These Marks In Any Way Is Strictly Forbidden. Any Infringement Of The Aforementioned Would Be A Violation Of The Law In India.

ZYBEQ VENTURES Respects The Intellectual Property Rights Of All Parties And Has Complied With And Will Continue To Comply With All Relevant Indian Laws In This Regard. To The Best Of Its Abilities, ZYBEQ VENTURES Will Preserve And Respect The Intellectual Property Rights Of Users And Third Parties. If A User Is Discovered To Be Utilising Ghar.Tv As A Platform To Infringe On The Intellectual Property Rights Of Others, ZYBEQ VENTURES Has The Right To Cancel This Agreement Immediately And Without Notice. By Granting Users Access To Ghar.Tv, ZYBEQ VENTURES Offers The Users A Limited, Non-Exclusive, Non-Assignable, Revocable Licence (The "License") To Access And Use The Services, So Long As The User Complies With The Terms And Conditions Of The Agreement.

Restrictions/ Prohibitions

1. The Following Behaviours Constitute Ghar.Tv Abuse And Are Absolutely Forbidden:

Utilizing Ghar.Tv's Services In A Way That Harms The Interests And Operation Of ZYBEQ VENTURES/Ghar.Tv And Is In Violation Of Applicable Laws And Regulations, Including RERDA/RERA.

Copying, Extracting, Downloading, Sharing, Modifying, Selling, Storing, Distributing, Creating Derivative Works From, Or Otherwise Exploiting Any Content, Data, Information, Including Profiles, Personal Details, Photographs, And/Or Graphics, Available On Ghar.Tv And/Or Any Services Or Products Of The ZYBEQ VENTURES, In Any Manner Or For Any Purpose Not Consistent With The Terms Of Service Is Prohibited.

Users Are Explicitly Banned From Utilising Or Abusing Ghar.Tv Or Any Of Its Content Or Data For The Following Purposes:

For Commercial Reasons Such As Building Alternative Databases Or Granting Other Parties Access To Ghar.Tv Without The Prior Written Approval Of ZYBEQ VENTURES; And/Ordoing Any Commercial Activity That Competes With ZYBEQ VENTURES's Business; And/Or

Sharing Access With Individuals Not Under Contract With ZYBEQ VENTURES.

Reselling The ZYBEQ VENTURES Goods And/Or Services.

(Using Or Attempting To Use Any Automated Programme, Software, Or System, Or Any Similar Or Equivalent Process (Including Spiders, Robots, And Crawlers, Etc.) To Access, Navigate, Search, Copy, Monitor, Download, Scrape, Crawl, Or Otherwise Extract In Any Manner, Any Data Or Content, Including But Not Limited To Adding Or Downloading Profiles, Contact Information, Or Sending Or Redirecting Messages From Ghar.Tv;

Gaining Or Attempting To Gain Unauthorised Access (Including Through Hacking, Password "Mining," Or Any Other Means) To: (A) Any Portion Or Feature Of Ghar.Tv Or Any Of The Services Or Products Offered On Or Through Ghar.Tv That Are Not Intended For You; (B) Any Server, Website, Programme, Or Computer System Of ZYBEQ VENTURES Or Any Other Third Parties And/Or Users;

Modifying The Services Supplied By Ghar.Tv Or Their Look Using Any Technology, Overlaying Any Extra Offering On Top Of Such Services, Or Simulating Ghar.Tv's Services Or Its Functionality In Any Way Without Our Express Written Approval Is Strictly Prohibited.

Accessing Ghar.Tv Through Interfaces Except Those Officially Given By ZYBEQ VENTURES;

Attempting To Breach Or Violating Any Security Or Authentication Procedures Established Up By ZYBEQ VENTURES For Ghar.Tv And/Or Attempting To Probe, Scan, Or Test The Vulnerability Of ZYBEQ VENTURES' System Or Network;

Scraping, Downloading (Including Bulk-Downloading), Duplicating, Or Otherwise Extracting Any Information Or Data From Ghar.Tv (Using Any Process, Whether Automatic Or Manual) In Order To Offer Products Or Services That Are Similar To Or May In Any Way Compete With The Products Or Services Of ZYBEQ VENTURES;

Reverse Engineering, Decompiling, Disassembling, Decrypting, Trying To Accomplish Any Of The Aforementioned, Or Deriving The Source Code For The Site Or Application Or Any Associated Technology Or Any Portion Thereof;

Bypassing Or Trying To Bypass Any Technical Safeguards Implemented By ZYBEQ VENTURES Or Any Third Party To Secure The Material On Ghar.Tv And/Or To Prevent Robots, Spiders, Etc. From Crawling And/Or Scraping Content From Ghar.Tv.

Bypassing Or Attempting To Bypass Any Service Limitations, Including But Not Limited To Search Restrictions, Captcha Limits, And Occurrences On Other Triggers.

Interfering With Or Disrupting, Or Trying To Interfere With Or Disrupt, The Use Of Ghar.Tv Or Any Computer Networks Linked To Ghar.Tv By Any Other User;

Developing, Utilising, Or Attempting To Utilise Any Automated Programme, Scripts, Robots, Third Party Software Or System, Or Any Similar Or Equivalent Process (Including Spiders, Robots, Crawlers, Browser Plug-Ins/Extensions/Add-Ons, Iframes On Third Party Sites, Mirroring, HTML Parsers Etc.) To Access, Navigate, Search, Copy, Monitor, Download, Scrape, Or Otherwise Extract Or Modify In Any Way, Any Data Or Content From Ghar.Tv

Impersonating A Person Or Entity Other Than Yourself, Or Misrepresenting Your Employment With Or Relationship With A Person Or Organisation;

Forging Headers Or Modifying Identifiers In Any Way To Conceal The Source Of Any User Information;

Stalking, Threatening, Or Harassing Another User In Any Way;

Imposing An Unreasonable Or Disproportionately Heavy Load On The Infrastructure Of Ghar.Tv;

Engaging In "Framing," "Mirroring," Or Otherwise Simulating The Appearance Or Functionality Of Ghar.Tv (Or Any Portion Thereof) And Providing Deep Links Into Ghar.Tv (Or Any Portion Thereof) Without ZYBEQ VENTURES's Prior Permission;

Spamming Ghar.Tv/ZYBEQ VENTURES Or Other Users, Including By Uploading, Publishing, Emailing, SMS, Sending, Or Otherwise Making Accessible, Directly Or Indirectly, Any Unsolicited Commercial Or Mass Email.

Hosting, Altering, Uploading, Posting, Sending, Publishing, Or Distributing Any Information Or Content That:

Contravenes Any Local, Provincial, State, National, Or International Law, Legislation, Ordinance, Or Regulation Now In Effect;

Does Not Belong To You And To Which You Have No Claim;

Infringes, Breaches, Or Otherwise Violates The Rights Of ZYBEQ VENTURES Or Any Other Party, Including Any Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Privacy Or Publicity Rights, Or Other Property Rights;

Contains Computer Viruses Or Other Code, Files, Or Programmes Intended To Disrupt, Damage, Or Restrict The Functionality Of Ghar.Tv Or Any Other Computer System Or Resource;

Is Grossly Harmful, Threatening, Abusive, Harassing, Defamatory, Libellous, Blasphemous, Vulgar, Pornographic, Paedophilic, Obscene, Or Racially, Ethnically, Or Otherwise Unlawful In Any Way;

Which Constitutes A Criminal Offence, Gives Rise To Other Responsibility, Or Otherwise Violates Relevant Law;

That Deceives Or Misleads The Recipient About The Origin Of The Letter Or Conveys Material That Is Extremely Insulting Or Threatening;

That Causes Damage To Youngsters In Whatever Form;

Threatens The Unity, Integrity, Defence, Security, Or Sovereignty Of India, Cordial Relations With Other Nations, Or Public Order; Incites The Commission Of A Cognizable Crime; Obstructs The Investigation Of A Cognizable Offence; Or Insults Another Country.

You Thus Agree Specifically Not To:

1. Copy And Disseminate This Content On Any Other Server, Or Change Or Reuse Information, Text, Images, Audio, Etc. From Ghar.Tv On Any Other System. No Duplication Of Ghar.Tv May Be Sold Or Disseminated For Profit, Nor May It Be Changed Or Integrated Into Any Work, Publication, Or Ghar.Tv, Whether In Hard Copy Or Electronic Media, Including Posts To Another Ghar.Tv; Or

2. Remove Any Copyright, Trademark, Or Other Intellectual Property Notices Included In The Original Content From Any Item Copied Or Printed Off From Ghar.Tv Or That Links To Ghar.Tv Without Our Explicit Written Permission.

System Or Network Security Violations May Result In Legal Or Criminal Responsibility.

Links to Websites Of Third Parties

Ghar.Tv May Include Links To The Websites Or Resources Of Other Parties. ZYBEQ VENTURES Makes No Representations Whatsoever For Any Other Website That You May Visit From Ghar.Tv.

Disclaimer & Warranties

According To Subclause (W) Of Section 2 Of The Information Technology Act Of 2000, Ghar.Tv Is An Intermediate.

The Content Of Ghar.Tv Is Provided "As Is" And On An "As Available" Basis, Without Warranties Or Representations Of Any Kind, Either Express Or Implied. Zybeq Ventures And Any Third Party Providing Materials, Services Or Content To This Website, Disclaims All Warranties, Express Or Implied, Statutory Or Otherwise Including, But Not Limited To, Implied Warranties Of Merchantability, Fitness For A Particular Purpose, Non-Infringement Of Third Party Rights, Completeness Or Accuracy Of The Information, Update Or Correctness Of The Information, Freedom From Computer Viruses, Other Violation Of Rights Regarding Services And Products.

The Views Stated By Users Are Their Own, And ZYBEQ VENTURES Neither Endorses Nor Is Responsible For Them. Although Every Effort Is Taken To Ensure That The Site's Material Is Not Misleading/ Offensive/ Inappropriate, No Guarantee Is Offered About The Site's Accuracy And Completeness. Please Report Any Inaccurate Or Otherwise Inappropriate Material On The Website To The Abuse Reporting Form.

You Are Entirely Responsible For Determining The Truth, Completeness, And Usefulness Of Any Views, Advice, Services, Real Estate, And Other Relevant Material Found On This Website. ZYBEQ VENTURES Does Not Guarantee That Website Access Will Be Uninterrupted Or Error-Free Or That Website Problems Will Be Fixed.

Once The Listing/Banner Is Displayed, ZYBEQ VENTURES Does Not Guarantee Or Warrant That There Will Be A Satisfactory Response Or Any Response At All. Any Payments Made To ZYBEQ VENTURES/Ghar.Tv Are Used Only For Displaying The Listed Property.

Users Are Highly Encouraged To Independently Confirm The Legitimacy Of Any Pre-Launch Offers They Receive. ZYBEQ VENTURES Does Not Advocate Investments In Projects That Have Not Obtained Official Approval And Have Not Been Launched By The Builder/Promoter. Users Who Deal In Such Projects Do So At Their Own Risk And Under Their Own Responsibility.

This Document Does Not Represent An Invitation Or Offer To Invest In ZYBEQ VENTURES Or Any Of Its Affiliates. In Addition, Nothing On Ghar.Tv Should Be Construed As A Recommendation To Use Any Product, Process, Equipment, Or Formulation In Violation Of Any Patent Or Otherwise, And ZYBEQ VENTURES Makes No Representation Or Warranty, Express Or Implied, That The Use Thereof Will Not Violate Any Patent Or Otherwise.

Ghar.Tv Is Managed And Operated From India, And ZYBEQ VENTURES Makes No Claims That The Content Is Acceptable Or Will Be Accessible In Other Regions Of The World. If You Use Ghar.Tv From A Location Outside Of India, You Are Solely Responsible For Adhering To All Relevant Local Laws And International Conventions And Treaties.

Through Ghar.Tv And Its Affiliate Sites, ZYBEQ VENTURES Delivers Goods, Services, Content, And Several Other Features To Certain Global Locations. Due To Differences In Availability, Local Or Regional Regulations Or Legal Constraints, And Other Reasons, The Services Supplied In One Location May Vary From Those In Other Regions. ZYBEQ VENTURES Makes No Guarantee Or Assurance That A User In One Location Will Be Able To Access The Services As They Are Offered In Another Region. There May Be References To Items, Programmes, Or Services On Ghar.Tv That Have Not Been Disclosed Or Made Available In Your Country. These References In No Way Suggest That ZYBEQ VENTURES Plans To Announce, Launch, Or Supply These Goods, Programmes, Or Services In Your Country.

Limitation Of Liability

ZYBEQ VENTURES Shall Not Be Liable For Any Damages Of Any Kind Arising Out Of Or Relating To The Use Or Inability To Use Ghar.Tv, Its Content Or Links, Including But Not Limited To Damages Caused Or Related To Errors, Omissions, Interruptions, Defects, Delay In Operation Or Transmission, Computer Virus, Line Failure And All Other Direct, Indirect, Special, Incidental, Punitive, Loss Of Profit, Exemplary Or Consequential Damages Whether Based On Warranty, Contract, Tort,

ZYBEQ VENTURES Is Not Liable For Any Error, Omission, Interruption, Deletion, Defect, Delay In Operation Or Transmission, Communication Line Failure, Theft Or Destruction, Or Unauthorised Access To Or Alteration Of The User's Data/Information. ZYBEQ VENTURES Is Not Liable For Any Problem Or Technical Malfunction Of Any Online-Systems, Servers Or Providers, Computer Equipment, Software, Failure Of E-Mail Or Players Due To Technical Problem Or Traffic Congestion On The Internet Or At Any Website Or Combination Thereof, Including Injury Or Damage To Any User And/Or Member Or Any Other Person's Computer Related To Or Resulting From Participating Or Downloading Materials/Information From The Website.

By joining / using www.Ghar.tv, uploading your property listing/requirement/contact details/posting inquiry for any listings/ signing up or any co-ordination with www.Ghar.tv, you/all users agree to be contacted by Ghar.tv via WhatsApp messages / emails/ SMS/ phone calls or any other means of communication. Allusers/You also Agree to receive all written, visual, oral or any other form of communications from Ghar.tv including newsletters, videos, creatives, etc.

Unless Otherwise Specified And Notwithstanding Anything Contained In Any Other Agreement Or Arrangement, By Whatever Name Called, The Performance Obligation Of ZYBEQ VENTURES (Service Provider) Is To Provide Access To Its Online Portal To The Customer For The Duration Of The Subscription Period & Any Reference To Usage Or Any Other Performance Obligation, If Any, Is To Provide The Upper Limit For Consumption, Which By Itself, Does Not Create Any Performance Obligation.

ZYBEQ VENTURES Is Not Responsible For Any Inaccuracies In The Content Of This Website. Any Breach Of Privacy Or Of The Information Provided By The Consumer To ZYBEQ VENTURES To Be Placed On The Website By Technical Or Any Other Means Is Not The Responsibility Of ZYBEQ VENTURES, And ZYBEQ VENTURES Does Not Guarantee The Confidentiality Of Information Provided To It By Any Person Acquiring/Using All/Any Information Displayed On Ghar.Tv Or Any Of Its Other Websites / Domains Owned And Operated By ZYBEQ VENTURES.


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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy Of The Platform Explains How We May Use Your Personal Data, And We Will Always Respect And Ensure Compliance With The Policy. Additionally, Various Settings Are Provided To Enable You To Control The Manner In Which Others May Be Able To View Your Information As Selected By You To Be Displayed On Your Profile And The Manner In Which You May Have Chosen To Be Contacted. Any Input Supplied By A User Is Considered To Be Non-Confidential.

Use Terms For Users

When You Indicate Interest In A Real Estate Listing Or Express Interest In Related Services On Ghar.Tv, You Are Sending Your Profile Consisting Of Your Personal Details And Application Information Including Relevant Documents To Ghar.Tv, And You Are Requesting And Authorising Ghar.Tv To Provide Such Information To The Applicable Advertiser/Seller(S) For Such Real Estate Listing (S). You Agree To The Disclosure Of Your Data To Such Advertisers/Service Providers, Who May Thereafter Contact You Through Phone/Email/Whatsapp, Etc. Please Note That Our Privacy Policy Does Not Regulate The Use Of Your Information By Third Parties After It Has Been Provided.

In Addition, By Using Ghar.Tv, You Acknowledge That Ghar.Tv Is Not Liable For The Content Of The Advertiser/Seller/Broker/Application Builder's Form, Messages, Screener Questions, Testing Assessments, Needed Documents, Or Their Format Or Manner Of Delivery.

You Consent To Ghar.Tv Processing And Analysing Your Application, Documents, And Any Responses Sent To You By The Advertiser/Seller Or Vice Versa Via Ghar.Tv In Accordance With These Terms Of Service And Ghar.Tv's Privacy Statement. Ghar.Tv Is Required To Store And Process Such Information Regardless Of Whether A Previously Advertised Real Estate Is Still Available. Ghar.Tv May Use Your Application Materials (Including Your Public Profile Containing Your Personal Information And Answers To Advertiser/Questions) Seller's To Determine Whether You May Be Interested In A Real Estate Listing, And Ghar.Tv May Contact You About Such A Real Estate Listing.

Information You Post In Public Areas Of Ghar.Tv Sites Or Applications Or Make Visible In Your Profile May Be Accessed, Used, And Stored By Others Around The World, Including Those In Countries Where Legislation May Not Guarantee Adequate Protection Of Personal Information As Defined By Your Country Of Residence. While Ghar.Tv Takes Precautions To Protect Your Information From Unauthorised Access Or Improper Use, Ghar.Tv Has No Control Over These Third Parties And Is Not Responsible For How They Utilise The Information You Provide To Us. Consequently, You Should Not Publish Sensitive Material Or Any Information That You Do Not Want To Be Made Public To Any Area Of Ghar.Tv Or An Application, Or To A Public Website.

In Addition, It Is The Sole Duty Of The User To Ensure That It Utilises The "Opt-Out" Choices As It Sees Appropriate To Deny Dealers Access To The Data It Has Provided. Zybeq Ventures Shall Not Be Liable For Such Insertions Or Data Being Accessed By Its Subscribers Or Users Whose Access Has Not Been Explicitly Blocked/Prohibited By The User Through The Privacy Settings.

You Can Access Ghar.Tv By Logging In With Your Facebook Or Google Account. If You Do So, You Authorise Us To Access And Use Certain Information From Your Facebook/Google Account, Including Your Public Facebook Profile And Posts. Please Check Our Privacy Policy For Further Information On The Information We Gather And How We Utilise It.

Particular Terms And Conditions For Dealers/Builders/Banks/Payment Gateways:

You Will Comply With All Applicable Data Protection Laws In Relation To The Processing Of Personal Data; And Not Process Personal Data That Is Irrelevant, Unlawful, Or Excessive In Relation To The Agreed Purposes, As Defined In The Privacy Statement And These Terms And Conditions.

You Must Implement Adequate Technical And Organisational Safeguards To Protect The Shared Personal Data Obtained From Ghar.Tv From Unauthorised Or Unlawful Processing As Well As Accidental Loss, Destruction, Alteration, Or Disclosure.

You Promise To Offer All Reasonable Assistance Required To Allow The Prompt And Compliance Management Of Any Data Security Breach (As Required By Relevant Privacy Legislation).

You Agree That The Party That Holds/Processes The Personal Data Collected/Shared Is Responsible For Responding With A Request From An Individual Pertaining To That Individual's Personal Data.

You Guarantee And Declare That The Institution Will Not Divulge Or Transmit Personal Data Collected From Ghar.Tv To Any Sub-Processors Without Providing Suitable And Similar Protections For The Personal Data.

You Must Only Preserve Or Handle Shared Personal Data For As Long As Is Required To Fulfil The Agreed-Upon Purposes.


If Any Dispute Arises Between A User/Users And ZYBEQ VENTURES Arising Out Of The Use Of The Website Or Thereafter, In Connection With The Validity, Interpretation, Implementation, Or Alleged Breach Of Any Provision Of These Terms And Conditions, The Dispute Shall Be Referred To A Sole Arbitrator Who Shall Be An Independent And Neutral Third Party Identified By ZYBEQ VENTURES. The Arbitrator's Decision Shall Be Final And Binding On Both Parties To The Dispute. The Arbitration Will Be Held In Mumbai, India. Arbitration Procedures Are Governed By The Arbitration And Conciliation Act Of 1996.


THIS AGREEMENT Regulates Your Usage Of Ghar.Tv Between You And ZYBEQ VENTURES. If Any Provision Of These Ghar.Tv Terms And Conditions Or Any Portion Thereof Is Inconsistent With Or Held Invalid/Void By Or Under Any Law, Rule, Order, Or Regulation Of Any Government Or By The Final Determination Of Any Court, Such Inconsistency Or Invalidity Shall Not Affect The Enforceability Of Any Other Provision Of These Terms And Conditions.


ZYBEQ VENTURES's Omission To Exert Or Enforce Any Right Or Provision Of These Terms And Conditions Shall Not Be Construed As A Waiver Of Such Right Or Provision.

Governing Law

By Using Ghar.Tv, You Consent To The Application Of Indian Law To All Issues Pertaining To Ghar.Tv And These Terms And Conditions.


Regardless Of The Location And Jurisdiction From Where You Visit Ghar.Tv, The Courts Mumbai, India Shall Have Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Any Disputes Pertaining To Ghar.Tv And These Terms And Conditions.

ZYBEQ VENTURES Does Not Monitor Your Website Posts Frequently But Maintains The Right To Do So. However, If ZYBEQ VENTURES Becomes Aware Of An Improper Use Of Ghar.Tv Or Any Of Its Services, ZYBEQ VENTURES Will React As It Sees Necessary In Its Sole Discretion. You Agree That ZYBEQ VENTURES Has The Right To Report To Law Enforcement Any Activities That May Be Deemed Unlawful, As Well As Any Information It Receives About Such Activities. When Asked, ZYBEQ VENTURES Will Fully Cooperate With Law Enforcement Officials Conducting Any Investigation Into Suspected Illicit Internet Behaviour.

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