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Understanding the dynamics of home loans is crucial when purchasing property. With over 95% of property buyers opting for home loans, knowing your eligibility, CIBIL score, and current interest rates from various banks is essential.

Simplifying Home Loans with Ghar: assists you in securing hassle-free home loans from top banks with complete transparency, ensuring you get the lowest interest rates to make your dream home a reality.

Key Features:

  • Home Loan Calculators: Compare interest rates from multiple banks to choose the best home loan or office loan option.
  • Professional Assistance: Direct sales associates in Mumbai and other major cities offer expert guidance.
  • Comprehensive Information: Up-to-date details on SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, and other leading institutions' home loan interest rates.

Steps to Avail a Home Loan:

1. Checking factors for finding your Home Loan eligibility:

  • Income Source: Salaried or business person.
  • Financial Track Record: Ensure no cheque bounces or credit card payment defaults.
  • CIBIL Score: Maintain a good score for higher loan amounts.
  • Professional Guidance: A home loan advisor can guide you to the bank that offers the maximum loan based on your criteria.

2. Importance of a Home Loan Sanction Letter

A home loan sanction letter acts as a strong negotiation tool with sellers, equivalent to cash, showing you have the loan and margin money ready.

3. Checking the Loan Eligibility of a Property

  • Primary Property: Requires documents like sanctioned plans, construction permissions, CC, OC, and RERA registration.
  • Resale Property: Requires clear title deeds, chain of agreements, share certificate, society documents, maintenance and utility bills, and proper stamp duty and registration.
  • Bank Due Diligence: Banks will check property paperwork and valuation before approving the loan. Best Practices for a Smooth Home Loan Process
  • Thorough Preparation: Avoid surprises by preparing in advance.
  • Professional Assistance: Work with experienced housing loan agents.
  • Loan Against Property: offers competitive interest rates from a wide range of lenders.

Additional Services

Ghar's home loan division empowers buyers with:

  • Detailed information on providers and interest rates.
  • Maximum eligibility based on specific cases.
  • Faster sanction and smoother disbursals.
  • Property legality checks for title and loan eligibility.