Bhive Pioneers New Era in Bengaluru Commercial Real Estate Investment

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  • 12th Feb 2024
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Bhive Pioneers New Era in Bengaluru Commercial Real Estate Investment
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Bhive Properties, renowned for operating the acclaimed coworking brand BHIVE Workspace, has unveiled its groundbreaking venture into the sale of premium commercial real estate. This initiative marks the company's first foray into selling top-tier, Grade A commercial spaces in Bengaluru, offering retail investors the golden opportunity to achieve appealing annual returns of up to 10.6% from their investments. Investors are poised to gain direct ownership stakes in the property, enjoying a share of the lucrative monthly rental income.

Nestled in the prestigious Brigade Metropolis, the Grade A commercial space spans an impressive 22,940 square feet on the 8th floor of Summit A, valued at approximately Rs 8,936 per square foot. Pre-leased for 15 years, this investment promises stable and attractive monthly returns. The strategic location, directly opposite the Garudacharapalya metro station on the renowned Purple Line, enhances its value, ensuring easy access to major city centers and tech parks. This property is not just an investment in real estate but a stake in Bengaluru's growth and vibrancy.

Shesh Paplikar, the visionary founder and CEO of Bhive Group, shared insights into the market's demand for traditional commercial real estate investment avenues. In anticipation of regulatory changes and recognizing the substantial demand among retail investors for tangible real estate assets, Bhive Properties has secured a RERA broker license. This move not only caters to investors' preferences for traditional ownership documents but also simplifies banking and inheritance processes, bridging the gap between modern financial products and classic real estate investment.

CBRE, a leading property consultancy, highlights Bengaluru as India's largest office space market, contributing to 29% of the nation's total supply. With an expected surge in office space across India's top seven cities, Bengaluru is poised to dominate this landscape, further solidifying its position as a hub for investors seeking substantial returns on commercial real estate.

The disparity in rental income between residential and commercial real estate is stark, with commercial properties offering returns upwards of 8% annually, compared to the modest 2.5% from residential properties. Traditionally, the realm of commercial real estate investment was the preserve of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, due to the significant initial investment required. However, Bhive's innovative approach is democratizing access to this lucrative market, opening doors for a broader range of investors.

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