Thanes Transformation The Launch of NaMo Grand Central Park Ignites a Green Revolution

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  • 12th Feb 2024
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Thanes Transformation The Launch of NaMo Grand Central Park Ignites a Green Revolution
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In a significant stride towards transforming Thane into a sustainable urban oasis, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde unveiled the NaMo Grand Central Park, a 25-acre haven of greenery and innovation. This grand initiative not only emphasizes Thanes commitment to environmental sustainability but also enriches its residents with unparalleled recreational and leisure amenities.

The creation of the NaMo Grand Central Park by Kalpataru is a testament to Thanes aspirations of becoming a smart, eco-friendly city. Inspired by some of the worlds most famous parks, including New Yorks Central Park, Londons Hyde Park, and Chicagos Millennium Park, this expansive green space is designed to offer a myriad of attractions. From Indias largest skate park to whimsical themed gardens and interactive children's play areas, the park promises to be a focal point for community engagement and outdoor activities.

The park is not just a green space but a showcase of international design prowess and architectural brilliance. Featuring a 3-acre lake, a scenic lakeside promenade, and the iconic X bridge, the NaMo Grand Central Park is a fusion of nature and modernity. The globally inspired gardens and the state-of-the-art facilities underscore Thanes vision of offering a healthy, active lifestyle to people of all ages.

Acknowledging the efforts of the Kalpataru Group and its visionaries, Mofatraj Munot and Parag Munot, Chief Minister Shinde lauded the creation of the park as a landmark achievement for Thane. The park, named in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, symbolizes a leap forward in urban planning and sustainability, achieved without financial burden on the Thane Municipal Corporation.

Mofatraj Munot, the chairman of Kalpataru Group, and Thane Municipal Corporation Commissioner Abhijit Bangar, shared their perspectives on the parks role in enhancing urban life. They highlighted the parks contribution to Thanes green blueprint and its potential to set new standards in urban green spaces, reflecting a harmonious blend of global standards and local cultural relevance.

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