What Do OC and CC Mean in The Real Estate Industry? Why Are They Essential For a Property Purchaser?

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  • 22nd Jan 2023
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What Do OC and CC Mean in The Real Estate Industry? Why Are They Essential For a Property Purchaser?

Occupation Certificate (OC) & Completion Certificate (CC)

OC is an abbreviation for Occupation Certificate.

CC is an abbreviation for Completion Certificate.

The above is the complete form of the abbreviations OC and CC.

However, let's examine the definitions of these terms and their implications for property buyers:

OC - Definition and Significance

1. The Occupancy Certificate (OC) is a highly essential legal document that certifies that the building has been constructed according to the authority-approved designs and is now ready for occupancy.

2. The municipal authorities grant an OC at the completion of the building as per their official approcals.

3.OC is only granted when a comprehensive examination has convinced the authorities that the building is suitable for occupancy. Such a certificate may be provided for a portion of the building; consequently, a property buyer must confirm that the apartment or office they want to purchase has been granted and is coverd by such a "part occupation certificate."

Technically, property purchasers cannot inhabit the building until they acquire the occupancy certificate, since the connection to municipal services like as water and electricity cannot be established until the certificate is issued.

CC Definition & Significance

1. A Completion Certificate (CC) is granted when the construction of a building is complete and complies with numerous building regulations, such as distance from the road, height, etc.

2. The CC alone does not authorise occupancy of a building, since OC is required for access to all essential municipal services.

OC & CC - Key Points to Keep in Mind as a Property Buyer: 

1.Ideally, do not purchase and/or occupy a flat/office without an OC, since authorities have the right to evict inhabitants or deprive the property in question of civic utilities.

2. OC is also required if you want to sell, procure a loan, or mortgage the property in the future.

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