5 Ways Wellness Amenities Are Becoming Essential for Millennial Homebuyers in India

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  • 7th Jul 2024
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5 Ways Wellness Amenities Are Becoming Essential for Millennial Homebuyers in India
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 Modern-day millennial homebuyers in India are increasingly prioritizing wellness amenities in their quest for the perfect home. This shift is redefining the Indian real estate market, making wellness features such as yoga studios, fitness centers, and green spaces indispensable.

Explore how these trends are shaping the future of luxury living in India.

1. Rising Demand for Wellness Features

Real estate experts highlight a significant increase in the demand for wellness amenities among Indian homebuyers. They now seek features that support both physical and mental health, such as yoga studios, fitness centers, and meditation spaces. This trend is especially pronounced among families with senior citizens, who prioritize health-focused living environments.

2. Trending Wellness Amenities

Developers in India are responding to this demand by incorporating a variety of wellness amenities into their projects. Popular features include outdoor gyms, healthcare hubs with doctor-on-call facilities, organic farming zones, and soundproof meditation rooms. Homebuyers also look for smart home technology that supports health monitoring and wellness routines, ensuring these amenities are functional and not just for show.

3. Impact of the Pandemic and Evolving Lifestyles

The pandemic has underscored the importance of health and wellness, influencing Indian homebuyers to prioritize properties with wellness amenities. With many people still working from home and leading busy lives, proximity to wellness features has become a key factor in home-buying decisions. Spaces that facilitate relaxation and stress relief are now highly sought after.

4. Increased Property Costs and Value

Incorporating wellness amenities does increase the overall cost of a house in India by approximately five to seven percent. These features require specialized design, construction, and maintenance, which add to the property’s expenses. However, they also enhance the property’s value and appeal, potentially leading to higher resale values or rental incomes. Indian homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for these added benefits.

5. Generational Shift in Preferences

Younger Indian families place significant importance on health, wellness, and immersive residential experiences. This generational shift, coupled with higher disposable incomes, drives the demand for enhanced living environments. Buyers are more willing to invest in properties that offer comprehensive wellness features, reflecting a broader trend towards holistic living.

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