Find Out All About Chennai Bangalore Expressway, Route Map, Toll Rates and its Impact on the Bangalore - Chennai Real Estate Market

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Find Out All About Chennai Bangalore Expressway, Route Map, Toll Rates and its Impact on the Bangalore - Chennai Real Estate Market

Chennai Bangalore Expressway: All The Latest Updates (January 2023)

As of now almost 15% of Work has been achieved on the Chennai-Bangalore Expressway

Basic details of Chennai- Bangalore Expressway
The Chennai- Bangalore Expressway is 96 kilometres long.
The building of a 14.4-kilometer segment of the Chennai motorway is 15 percent complete.
The motorway was anticipated to be operational by March 2023; but, given the present condition, it might take between 15 and 18 months.
When the highway is completed, travel times will be drastically reduced.
A traveller may traverse the distance of 258 kilometres in four hours, when it now takes around seven hours.

Four Packages
According to NHAI representatives, the work on the Tamil Nadu side has been separated into four packages. These distances are as follows: 24 kilometres between Gudipala and Walajahpet, 24.5 kilometres between Walajahpet and Arakkonam, 25.5 kilometres between Arakkonam and Kanchipuram, and 32.1 kilometres between Kanchipuram and Sriperumbudur. This includes more than 10 kilometres on the Andhra side.

More About Chennai Bangalore Expressway

Chennai Bangalore Expressway (Chennai to Bangalore) is a significant infrastructure project connecting Chennai and Bangalore, through three South Indian states. It is a greenfield motorway, one of the motorways of world-class quality that the Indian government aims to build in the near future. The Chennai Bangalore Expressway is being constructed as part of the Bharatmala Pariyojana project. This is an umbrella concept for India's highway sectors that aims to maximise the efficiency of passenger and freight traffic across the nation. The Chennai-Bangalore highway would drastically cut travel time and contribute to the progressive development of both the states.

We have explored the Bangalore Chennai Expressway route map (Chennai to Bangalore), cost, estimated toll rates and its possible impact on Bangalore-Chennai Real Estate Markets in this blog post.

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The Chennai Bangalore Expressway construction project began in 2018. This 258 km length is being developed by the National Highway Authority of India. The budget for this four-lane motorway is Rs 18,000 crore. This highway was named National Expressway 7 in January 2021. (NE-7). Three states will be traversed by the motorway: Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

The Chennai Bangalore Expressway (Chennai to Bangalore) is described in detail below.

Particulars Facts
Project cost Rs 18,000 crore
Project length 258 km
Start point Hoskote, Karnataka
Endpoint Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu
Number of lanes Four can be expanded to eight if required
Deadline March 2023
Current Status Land acquisition and financial bid evaluation
Land acquisition required 2560 hectares land
Developer of the project National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
States covered Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
Project model Hybrid Annuity Model
Underpasses/flyovers Underpasses: 41
Speed limit 120km/hr

Impact on real estate markets in Chennai and Bangalore
The Bengaluru-Chennai Expressway would undoubtedly have a positive impact on both the Chennai and Bangalore real estate markets.

Locations like Hoskote, Malur, Bangarapet, Kolar Gold Fields, Venkatagirikota, Palamaner, Bangarupalem, Chittoor, Ranipet, and Sriperumbudur - all of which lie along the Bengaluru-Chennai Expressway route - are projected to see an increase in real estate prices and demand.

Features of Bangalore-Chennai Expressway

Chennai Bangalore Expressway is a significant project in South India. It is the first time that the National Highway Authority of India is developing an expressway in the Southern states.

Following are the features of the project:

  • The travel time will be reduced significantly between the two cities- Bangalore and Chennai. Currently, it takes 6-7 hours to reach from one city to another, whereas, once the expressway is ready, the travel time will be reduced to 4 hours.
  • The distance between the cities is reduced by 80 km. The permitted speed on the expressway is 120km/hr.
  • The road will be well constructed, ensuring smooth traffic and more safety on the road.
  • Bangalore Chennai Expressway promotes the Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor, which aims to boost the area's manufacturing sector.
  • The expressway will have necessary amenities like truck bays, underpasses for vehicles and animals, and pedestrian and traffic administration systems.
  • The cities falling on the expressway route are an excellent attraction for real estate investors because property prices may spike once the expressway is ready.
  • More employment opportunities will be created as the expressway starts from the Hoskote region, the automobile hub of Karnataka.

Chennai Bangalore Expressway Route

Chennai to Bangalore Expressway will be the shortest route between these two cities. Currently, there are three additional ways Hosur and Krishnagiri (Golden Quadrilateral), Old Madras Road, and the third route travels via Kolar-KGF-V Kota and Vellore. The Golden Quadrilateral, which spans roughly 380 kilometres between the two cities, is the most travelled of these three roads. The proposed motorway will shorten the distance and make travel safer and more comfortable.

The Bangalore Chennai Expressway traverses three states:
Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The Chennai Bangalore Expressway passes via Hoskote, Malur, Bangarapet, Kolar Gold Fields, Venkatagirikota, Palamaner, Bangarupalem, Chittoor, Ranipet, and Sriperumbudur.

Map of the Bangalore Chennai Expressway
Here is a Bangalore Chennai Expressway route map, which illustrates in detail on which route the motorway is being built.


Bangalore Chennai Expressway Route Map (Source: Wikipedia)

The cities and states are:The cities and states are:

  • Hoskote, Karnataka
  • Malur, Karnataka
  • V Kota, Andhra Pradesh
  • Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh
  • Gudiyatham, Tamil Nadu
  • Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu
  • Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu

Spur Routes from Chennai-Bangalore Expressway

Spurs or spur routes/roads are short roads forming a branch from a long road. These short branches connect to the main highways or expressways. Bangalore and Chennai Expressway will have four spurs; however, only three have approval. Following are the suggested spurs:

  • Spur 1: Distance- 95.63 km: 14 km of the expressway to the Dobbaspet on the NH-4.
  • Spur 2: Distance- 3.58 km: 0 km to the NH-4 near Konadasapura, east of Bengaluru.
  • Spur 3: Distance- 6.47 km: 50.91 km to the Kolar Gold Fields.
  • Spur 4: Distance- 7.44 km: 190.01 km to the Katpadi.

Chennai Bangalore Expressway Cost

National Highway Authority of India is building Chennai Bangalore Expressway (Chennai to Bangalore) at an estimated cost of Rs 18,000 crore in total. Out of Rs 18,000 crore, Rs 5700 crore is expected to be used to construct the expressway. The remaining will be used for land acquisition, toll gate mechanism system, project administration, etc.,

Toll Rates for Chennai Bangalore Expressway

The toll rates for the Chennai to Bangalore expressway (Bangalore to Chennai) will be high. Following are the proposed toll rates:

  • Light weight vehicles like cars, and jeeps- Rs 0.65 per km
  • Large goods vehicle and Mini bus- Rs 1.05 per km
  • Buses and trucks- Rs 2.20 per km
  • Three axle trucks- Rs 2.40 per km
  • Multi-axle trucks- Rs 3.45 per km
  • Oversized trucks- Rs 4.20 per km

Bangalore Chennai Expressway Phases

Bangalore Chennai Expressway (Chennai to Bangalore) has been divided into three phases with ten packages and six construction companies building it.

phase 1

Package Length in km Contractor
Hoskote–Malur 26.4 Dilip Buildcon
Malur–Bangarapet 27.1 Dilip Buildcon
Bangarapet–Bethamangala 17.5 KCC Buildcon

phase 2

Package Length in km Contractor
Bethamangala–Baireddipalle 25.0 Montecarlo
Baireddipalle–Bangarupalem 31.0 APCO Infratech
Bangarupalem–Gudipala 29.0 Dilip Buildcon

phase 3

Package Length in km Contractor
Gudipala–Walajapet 24.0 Montecarlo
Walajapet–Arakkonam 24.5 KCC Buildcon
Arakkonam–Kanchipuram 25.5 DP Jain Infra
Kanchipuram–Sriperumbudur 32.1 RCC

Bangalore Chennai Expressway Timeline

Following is the timeline of events of Bangalore to Chennai Expressway:-

Timeline Events
1990’s Announced for the first time by P Chidambaram in Union Budget Speech
August 2018 Commencement of land acquisition was announced
February 2019 60% of the land was acquired
August 2019 Construction work started
November 2020 2560 hectares of land was acquired, and tenders for 3 packages were invited
September 2021 Dilip Buildcon received the letter of agreement
March 2023 Expressway to become operational

The Real Estate Market in Devanahalli Road Will Boom due to the Chennai-Bangalore expressway

The Chennai Bangalore motorway has facilitated a real estate boom in the vicinity of Devanahalli Road, in addition to its many other advantages, such as lowering travel time between Chennai and Bangalore (Bangalore to Chennai).

The Devanahalli Hoskote road is now being linked to the Chennai Bangalore motorway. In addition, a cloverleaf project would be initiated at Hoskote to allow controlled access from Devanahalli to the Chennai highway. The 72-kilometer portion of the Bangalore-Chennai motorway is located in Karnataka and is being completed in 10 phases.
Due to planned link with the Chennai Bangalore Expressway (Chennai to Bangalore), Devenahalli is gaining in popularity among homebuyers. The area is seeing a boom in both builders and plot purchasers.

Chennai Bangalore Expressway, in conclusion

The National Highway Authority of India constructed the Chennai Bangalore Expressway (Chennai to Bangalore) as the country's first greenfield motorway. It is a 258-kilometer, four-lane highway that cost Rs 18,000 billion to build. It passes through Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Hoskote, Malur, V Kota, Palamaner, Gudiyatham, Arakkonam, and Sriperumbudur are cities located along the Bangalore Chennai Expressway. The highway, which is being constructed under the Bharatmala Pariyojana initiative, would considerably cut travel times and provide work prospects for the residents of these cities.

Questions asked often :

What is the Chennai Bangalore Expressway's length?
The Chennai Bangalore Expressway is a 260-kilometer-long, four-lane highway.

What is the route of the Bangalore Chennai Expressway?
Hoskote, Malur, V Kota, Palamaner, Gudiyatham, Arakkonam, and Sriperumbudur are included in the Bangalore Chennai Expressway route.

When was this highway designated a national highway?
Bangalore Chennai Expressway was designated as National Expressway -7 in January 2021. The Bangalore-Chennai Expressway is intended to cut travel time and provide job prospects.

What is the Chennai Bangalore Expressway's project model?
The Chennai Bangalore Expressway project model is a Hybrid Annuity Model. The toll model is a combination of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and build, operate, and transfer (BOT).

How much does the Bangalore Chennai Expressway cost to build?
The highway is constructed for Rs 18,000 billion, of which Rs 5,700 billion would be needed for construction. The remainder will be used for land acquisition, toll administration, and project management, among other things.

How many stages does the motorway consist of?
Three stages and 10 bundles comprise the motorway.

How many flyovers are planned for the motorway?
The Chennai Bangalore Expressway will include 41 underpasses and 17 flyovers.

Once the motorway becomes operational, what will the intercity travel time be?
Once the highway is operational, the time required to travel between Bangalore and Chennai would be reduced to four hours. Currently, though, it takes 6-7 hours.

When will the Bangalore-Chennai highway begin construction?
The Bangalore Chennai Expressway is anticipated to open in March of 2023.

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